Sunday school children competing in the tug of war against each other during the one-day sporting event in West Kwaio.


BUMA Catholic Parish hosted a successful sporting event for the Sunday school children in zone eight at Sinafolo Community in West Kwaio, Malaita province over the weekend.

A one-day sporting event was organized after the Sunday mass church service and attracted the majority of children to participate in various sports activities like soccer, tug of war, and marathon.

The soccer field at Sinafolo Community in West Kwaio, Malaita province.

Buma Parish Priest, Fr. Desmond Firibo described the children as the symbol of God’s church in their community.

“Our children are the church, they are the church of their communities and they are the church of Buma Parish,” he said.

On similar note, a rural church Catechist, Adrian Ri’inala also warned children in his church service sermon to obey and respect their parents.

Sunday school children’s and their parents during the Sunday mass service.

“The most important thing for our children to must understand is that we are made from the image of God and that is why it is very important to respect your fathers and mothers,” he said. 


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