The Beauty Spot hairdresser, Thomas.


NOT every individual but only a few have what it takes to become somebody useful or appreciated in a particular society, as for Thomas Mae, his talent has become a tool of attraction for residents in Honiara.

Thomas, 30, is a talented hairdresser from the province of Malaita who has been in the beauty business for almost 7 years. His talent was nurtured from a very young age, grooming the looks of individuals in his community.

After all, he is not new to facing challenges when growing up, however, his passion for beauty has given him more confidence to deal with daily critics from all works of life.

The Beauty Spot’s hair styling professional salon products.

“I develop my talent when I was in primary school. I usually do hair braiding and haircuts for both girls and boys in my neighborhood and community.

“I would normally be asked to do whatever hairstyle for interested individuals, especially during special events like school graduation or wedding occasions.

“My passion for hairdressing continued over the years and I always get positive feedback and encouragement about my talent from close neighbors. I believe their constructive advice and sense of appreciation gave me more motivation, courage, and positive energy to continue despite being faced with few negative social criticisms about the way I do such things,” Thomas told SUNDAY ISLES.

With Thomas’s talent and continued passion for hair stylish works, he managed to get more attention from the business owner of Beauty Spot, a local hair salon in Honiara.

Beautiful bridesmaid hairstyle done by the Beauty Spot hairdresser, Thomas.

In 2016, he was finally accepted as a permanent employee the Beauty Spot, Thomas described the employment opportunity as a dream come true.

“I was very happy when I was first introduced by a friend to the boss of Beauty Spot, I can tell that my dream had come true, I have been looking forward to such an opportunity for a long time and it has arrived,” he said.

The Beauty Spot is located in the Crafts Market Center at the Art gallery in Central Honiara and they offer the following services to their male and female customers like haircut, hair color, hair extensions, hair perm, body waxing, makeup, and bridal services.

Young Thomas is now living his dream and is proud of his career as a hairdresser and more especially to make people look good.

A trending men’s haircut done by the Beauty Spot hairdresser, Thomas.

“I loved doing my work – it is a blessing that God has given me. I’ve been so lucky throughout my career so far thanks to my boss who has given me such an opportunity to experience this,” he said.


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