Minister of Education and Human Resources Development Hon. Lanelle Tanangada, right, Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie, left and staff participating in the parade. Photo by MEHRD Press

MINISTRY of Education and Human Resources Development Hon. Lanelle Olandrea Tanangada has highlighted ten guiding principles of the new Education Act 2023.

She highlighted this during an official celebration to mark the passing of the Education Bill 2023 on Wednesday 25th, October at the Pacific Crown Hotel.

The guiding principles made up the many different philosophies, theories, and practices which seeks to have education that

  • fosters an understanding and critical appreciation of the moral, spiritual, religious, social and cultural values which have been distinctive in shaping Solomon Islands society and which have been recognised and respected within the community
  • promotes culture, customs, values and attitudes that foster societal harmony and positive outcomes
  • nurtures a sense of personal identity, self-esteem and awareness of one’s personal abilities, aptitudes and limitations, combined with a respect for the rights and beliefs of others
  • promotes equal educational opportunity for all, including by helping those who are disadvantaged, through economic, social, physical and mental factors, to develop their full potential
  • develops intellectual skills combined with a spirit of inquiry and the capacity to analyse issues critically and constructively
  • fosters a spirit of self-reliance, innovation, initiative and imagination
  • provides students with the necessary education to support the country’s economic development and to enable them to make their particular contribution to society in an effective way
  • creates tolerant, responsible, caring and politically aware citizens who understand their rights and responsibilities
  • ensures that young Solomon Islanders acquire a keen awareness of their national heritage and identity, and an awareness and respect and care for the environment.

She informed participants at the celebrations that apart from the Education Act, there are subordinate (or policy) documents that have been designed to provide simple and coherent instructions and guidelines for teachers, school leaders and education providers to use and apply, in order to manage the operation of ece centres and schools.

She said as soon as these documents go through the required approval process, they will be printed and distributed to all school leaders and education providers and other key education stakeholders, to use and apply.

The Education Bill 2023 was passed by Parliament without amendments on October 12th, 2023.

The Bill passed becomes an Act after the Governor General assents it. The Act will cater for the administration and regulation of early childhood education, primary, and secondary education, including registration of teachers, education providers, schools, and early childhood education centres. The Act also provides provisions to repeal the Education Act 1978 (Cap. 69) and for related purposes.

Minister Hon Lanelle Tanangada is expected to determine the Commencement Date of the new Education Act 2023 as soon as the Ministry receives a copy of the Royal Assent.

Meanwhile, Hon. Lanelle acknowledges the governments of Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands government, key education partners her predecessors and her staff for being part of a brand-new piece of legislation of a lifetime.


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