Video: Parliament Passes 4.6 Billion Budget For 2023 Financial Year


THE National Parliament of Solomon Islands now passed the, “Four billion, six hundred and sixteen million, three hundred and five thousand and six hundred and thirty-four” dollars ($4,616,305,634) through the Committee of Supply on Wednesday 14th December 2022.

The Bill went through its third reading without amendments, only with a few corrections as stated by the Minister of Finance and Treasury before presenting the Bill to His Excellency the Governor General for assent.

The issue of this amount from the consolidated fund is authorized to the service of the financial year ending 31st December 2023. Total recurrent budget is $3,267,963,466, whilst total development budget is $1,170,916,770. Total budget support expenditure is $177,425,398.

These make up the total appropriation funding of $4,616,305,634 for the 2023 financial year.



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