Charislom Noodle Haus’ situated roadside at Mbua Valley in Kukum, Central Honiara.


NOODLES are a popular delicacy in the Solomon Islands and are mostly consumed in every household in the country.

Don, 28, and his wife this year started their dream business registered as “Charislom Noodle Haus’. Now their home cafeteria-style business has attracted the taste buds of local customers within their community at Mbua Valley in Kukum, Central Honiara.

Their small business which offers a variety of noodle menus is situated at their home residence at Mbua Valley’s roadside.

Don, 28, in front of the “Charislom Noodle Haus’ at Mbua Valley.

“Since I have bigger dreams in life of starting up a business, coupled with my strong belief – which I normally remind myself that ‘I can create my employment.’

“However, the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic which affected the country had also triggered my intention of starting up the small home business earlier this year – May 2022.

“After all, I promised myself to start this business opportunity to support the livelihood of my family,” Don from Malaita province told SUNDAY ISLES.

Don was formerly employed with the Solomon Islands Small Business Enterprise Centre (SISBEC) straight after undergoing his foundation studies at the University of South Pacific (USP) Campus in Honiara.

Meanwhile, Charislom Noodle Haus offers a variety of noodle menus and recipes to its customers ranging from beef and nesin noodles added with beef sausage and egg.

Noodle served with egg, sausage, shallot and cucumber.

Now they’re looking into improving some of their noodle recipes for their regular customers with the new fine combination of noodles and chicken breasts.

“We concentrate on egg and beef sausage with two types of noodle brand i.e. beef and nesin noodle, and now we’re looking into producing another new recipe which I am sure our customers will find it more tasteful,” Don said.

He describes his small business operations as very slow with a low number of customers served since the business started this year.

Noodle served with egg and shallot.

“Our small business operates at home and unfortunately, we don’t have a good number of customers, since our neighbours and close friends are our customers.

“We’re very young compared to other businesses in town,” he said.

Don’s advice to young people in the country who wish to start their small businesses is to know your potential and always believe in yourself.

Charislom Noodle Haus’ situated roadside at Mbua Valley in Kukum, Central Honiara.

“Everyone can do something with whatever they have, and always believe in yourself because we all have the potential to do something – Anyone can start anything from scratch in any style business setup,” he said.


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