THE Solomon Islands National University (SINU) is proud to announce a significant update to its fee payment structure, designed to enhance accessibility and ease the financial burden on our students and their families.

SINU Vice Chancellor Professor Transform Aqorau announced the new flexible payment policy this afternoon with immediate effect.

Prof. Aqorau said this new policy introduces a flexible payment schedule that aligns with SINU’s commitment to providing high-quality education that is accessible to all.

Key Features of the New Fee Payment Policy are as follows;

1. Reduced Upfront Payment: The policy lowers the upfront payment required for course registration to 30%, making it easier for students to enrol in their desired programs.

2. Instalment Payment Scheme: Remaining fees can be settled in structured instalments throughout the semester, offering students and their families a more manageable approach to handling education expenses.

3. Extended Payment Deadlines: Recognizing the diverse financial situations among our student body, SINU has extended the deadlines for instalment payments, providing additional flexibility.

4. Financial Counselling and Support Services: To assist students and families in planning and managing their educational investments, SINU is introducing dedicated financial counselling services.

Rationale Behind the Policy:

This initiative stems from SINU’s deep understanding of the economic challenges and uncertainties facing our community. Education is a fundamental right, and financial constraints should not deter aspiring students from pursuing their academic and professional goals. By offering a more flexible fee payment structure, SINU aims to reduce financial stress, increase accessibility to higher education, and support students in achieving their aspirations.

Impact and Implementation:

The flexible fee payment policy is expected to have a positive impact on the SINU community, making higher education more attainable and lessening the financial strain on students and their families. The policy is in effect as of today and will be applied to all current and prospective students. Detailed information about the policy, including guidelines on how to avail of the new payment options, will be made available to students through the university’s official communication channels.

According to Prof. Aqorau, “In recognizing the financial hardships faced by many in our community, we at SINU are committed to ensuring that every student has the opportunity to pursue their educational dreams without being hindered by financial barriers.”

“This new fee payment policy is a reflection of our dedication to making education more accessible and supportive of the needs of our students and their families.”

“We believe that by providing this flexibility, we are not just investing in the education of our students, but in the future prosperity of the Solomon Islands.”

SINU Vice Chancellor Professor Transform Aqorau announced the new flexible payment policy this afternoon with immediate effect. Photo credit @ SINU Media

“SINU is committed to fostering an inclusive educational environment where every student has the opportunity to excel.”

“This policy is a testament to our dedication to breaking down barriers to education and ensuring that every student has the support they need to succeed.”

“We invite students, families, and the wider community to join us in embracing this positive step forward in making quality education more accessible and affordable.”

About Solomon Islands National University:

Solomon Islands National University (SINU) is a leading institution of higher education in the Solomon Islands, dedicated to delivering quality education and fostering academic excellence. SINU offers a wide range of programs and is committed to nurturing future leaders, innovators, and professionals who will contribute to the development and prosperity of the Solomon Islands and beyond.

For more information about the new fee payment policy and other updates, please visit [SINU’s website] or contact us on 42600.


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