The 21st Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Central Melanesia (DOCM) came to a successful close on Friday after several days of fruitful discussions, prayers, and reflections.

The theme of the synod was “Inclusive and Holistic Evangelism and Intentional Discipleship: True Religion, Sound Learning, and Useful Industry;” aims to strengthen the diocese’s commitment towards a more inclusive and transformative approach to evangelism.

More than 78 church leaders, clergy, and lay delegates gathered at the All-Saints Parish to discuss and address key issues and strategic objectives aimed at advancing the mission and spiritual growth of the diocese.

The Most Reverend Leonard Dawea, the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Bishop of Central Melanesia in his opening address, emphasized the synod’s central theme – stressing the importance of embracing diversity, widening the scope of evangelism efforts, and fostering intentional discipleship to deepen spiritual understanding and commitment among believers.

Throughout the synod, attendees engaged in presenting reports from the seven parishes making up the diocese, ministerial groups, religious orders, and institutions in the diocese.

Debate and discussions around various Bills and motions and the election of new members to join the provincial synod and other boards were also done during the course of the five days meeting.

One of the key highlights of the synod was the emphasis on true religion, sound learning, and useful industry. Recognizing the importance of integrating faith with education and practical skills, participants discussed ways to support education initiatives, vocational training programs, and social enterprises within the diocese and its communities. By promoting useful industry and empowering individuals through education, the diocese aims to enable sustainable development and self-reliance while advancing the gospel’s transformative power.

The synod also provided an opportunity for the diocese to assess its mission and strategies in light of the current societal challenges.

Furthermore, an important outcome of the synod was the commitment to strengthen inter-diocesan collaborations both regionally and globally. Through partnerships with other dioceses and organizations, the Diocese of Central Melanesia aims to foster mutual support, resource sharing, and learning experiences to enhance the effectiveness of its initiatives and promote the unity of the global Anglican Communion.

The 21st Diocesan Synod of the Diocese of Central Melanesia concluded with a renewed sense of purpose and unity. The delegates left the synod with a shared vision for inclusive evangelism, intentional discipleship, and the essence of true religion, sound learning, and useful industry.

The Diocese of Central Melanesia continues to strive toward creating an inclusive society empowered by holistic evangelism and intentional discipleship, echoing the belief that true religion, sound learning, and useful industry can bring about positive change and lasting impact in our communities.



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