Group photo of the training Participants.


THIRTY-SEVEN Sunday School teachers from Jericho community have completed a two-week leadership training over the weekend.

Assistant Pastor Jeremy Ete of the Jericho South Seas Evangelical Church, who facilitated the leadership training, stated that training aims to teach participants on how to study and preach the word of God.

“During the training, the trainees were provided with a Bible story specifically designed for children. Additionally, they were taught how to provide counseling services and guide children towards understanding God’s word. The aim of the training was to help them grow spiritually in their Christian lives,” Pastor Jeremy Ete told SUNDAY ISLES.

The Assistant Pastor said the training was organized by the Jericho church eldership board and it mainly covered three topics: leadership, evangelism, and discipleship.

He said the first training session held at the Jericho Church and they anticipate future similar trainings.

Ray Mani, the Sunday school coordinator at Jericho local church, emphasized the significance of the Sunday school ministry in the church and highlighted the need for well-trained Sunday school teachers who can effectively impart Bible lessons to the children.

“The Sunday school ministry is an important ministry in the church because it is the foundation, and teachers must be trained to teach the children well the Bible lessons,” he said.

The coordinator also expressed gratitude towards the church leaders for ensuring that the training was easily accessible.


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