STAFF and students of Pawa Provincial Secondary School (PSS) on Ugi Island in the Makira/Ulawa Province joined Christians around the globe in celebrating Palm Sunday mass with visiting Catholic Priest, Fr. Clument Netana.

A staff member of Pawa PSS, Mrs. Babara Wakio, said that they were very happy to have the Catholic priest visit them in the school to celebrate this year’s Palm Sunday service with them.

Mrs. Wakio states that a combined service was organized by the school administration for both teachers and students to come together to celebrate this year’s Palm Sunday.

“The school’s combined service program for this year was organized by our school chaplain following the school board’s decision for Roman Catholic members to lead the combined service for both staff and students,” Mrs. Wakio said.

Mrs. Wakio further adds that students and staff of Pawa PSS are very contented to have Fr. Clument Netana at their school and says that this is what our church leaders should do: visit schools and meet students in the different schools they reside in.

“We are very happy to have the Roman Catholic priest at our school to celebrate with us this very important day as we mark the beginning of this year’s holy week,”  she said.

Likewise, a staff member, Mr. Terry Maheasi, also encouraged other church leaders in Makira/Ulawa province to make efforts to visit schools like Pawa PSS in the near future to celebrate such events with students in their respective schools.


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