Dynamite Fishing. PHOTO SOURCED.

Officers of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) at Tulagi Police Station in Central Province appeal to communities in Central Province to come forward with information regarding illegal fishing method (dynamite), which occurred over the weekend.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Central Province Superintendent David Soakai says, “Initial report stated that an outboard motor (OBM) was going around big and small Ngella reefs using dynamites as fishing method.”

PPC Soakai says, “Upon receiving the report, police at Tulagi respond to the reported location but the boat has already left. The OBM is suspected to be travelling from Honiara to Ngella at night and used dynamite on several occasions to fish.”

PPC Soakai encourages people with information to come forward and work together with police to help put an end to such practices as it is destructive to the sea environment and surrounding ecosystem and damages the coral reefs. Dynamite fishing is extremely destructive to surrounding ecosystem and if not stopped will severely affect todays and future generations.



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