Director of Surgical Services, Pacific Partnership 2022, Commander Sara Gonzales presenting her remarks at the closing ceremony event yesterday. (Photo by Bryll Ma'ara)


DIRECTOR of Surgical Services, U.S.-led Pacific Partnership 2022, Commander, Sara Gonzales said yesterday at the closing ceremony event to mark the end of the 17th Pacific Partnership Mission 2022 in the Solomon Islands that they hope this year’s humanitarian mission will contribute to improved humanitarian assistance to the country in the future.

“This mission prepares us all for future events that may require humanitarian assistance. The effects of disasters then transcend national borders.

“Therefore, it is important that we work side-by-side as friends to take care of those who most need help,” Commander, Sara Gonzales said.

This year’s 17th Pacific Partnership’s mission primary aim is to work collectively with host nations to enhance regional interoperability and promote multilateral disaster management resilience and response capabilities, increase stability, and security, and foster enduring friendship along with strengthening alliances.

Commander, Gonzales said that given their understanding of the Solomon Islands’ humanitarian and development capabilities and challenges, there is a need to consider opportunities for more effective partnership.

She said there is also a need to overcome factors that undermine the contribution of local capacity, and to focus on how better they can improve the humanitarian efforts in the country.

“We hope that increased understanding of one another’s procedures and capabilities will ultimately enable all of us to respond more effectively to various challenges that can affect us all,” Commander, Gonzales said.

She said as the flagship for the Pacific Partnership 2022, they are numerous knowledge exchanges, and where new friendships have been formed.


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