The new ERG building at Rove Headquarters. Photo credit @ AHC

AUSTRALIA was pleased to hand over eight pre-fabricated building modules for Correctional Services Solomon Islands (CSSI) at Rove Headquarters today.

The modules will provide separate new facilities to accommodate CSSI’s Emergency Response Group (ERG) Office and initial staging facilities and storage for the CSSI Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programs Unit, and archives management.

The facilities will be housed within the CSSI Rove Headquarters and are first-time infrastructure initiatives for the agency.

They will provide CSSI with added capacity to carry out its core responsibilities in the critical areas of operations and administration.

Amongst several responsibilities, the primary role of the ERG is to provide tactical and personnel support to any operational needs across CSSI, and as needed and approved, to support to the RSIPF in the interests of national security.

Australian High Commission Acting Counsellor Governance and Stability handing over building keys to Acting Deputy Commissioner, Administration, CSSI, Chris Bywecki. Photo credit @ AHC

The new ERG facilities set a benchmark for basic operations, and include offices, a small staging area and a secure armourer arrangement for specialist equipment storage and issue when required.

The new modules will also provide storage for program’s resources and equipment and allow CSSI to implement strong and accountable file management and storage practices in line with National Archives of Solomon Islands requirements.

Support for the new buildings was provided through Australia and Solomon Islands law and justice partnership, which supports agencies across the sector to promote stability and security across the country. This includes supporting CSSI’s small scale infrastructure priorities, training and capability building and strategic planning.

Deputy Commissioner Operations Mr. Michael Nagu, on behalf of the Commissioner CSSI, said the new facilities are a major achievement.

“They are a blessing for CSSI, for areas in the agency which for the first time, will have standalone and actual business focussed facilities for the important work they undertake in CSSI”.

“It is important that all officers responsible for and working in these facilities, respect and look after these facilities, facilities which would not have been possible without committed donor support”.

He thanked the contractor, Island Enterprise Ltd, for procuring and constructing the facilities, and in particular, the Australian Government and representatives here in Honiara for providing ongoing funding arrangements, through the Solomon Islands Government, in support of CSSI’s priority infrastructure needs.

He emphasised how important the assistance has been to CSSI over many years, especially during COVID, and limited financial funding years, and looked forward to continuing the strong relationship going forward.

A/g Australian High Commission Counsellor of Governance and Stability, Sara Lailey said the Correctional Services Solomon Islands plays an essential role in the law and justice sector and contributes to community safety and stability across the country.

“Australia is proud to be supporting the priorities of Commissioner Mactus Forau and his leadership, including staff training and capability building, but also to ensure that staff have fit-for-purpose facilities to carry out their important operational work, and to preserve the agencies records now and into the future”.


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