Plimsol Korabangara, a passionate youth advocator from South East Vella La Vella constituency in Western province. Photo credit @ Alfred Pagepitu


PLIMSOL Korabangara, a passionate youth advocate, is urging all Southeast Vella youths to cast their votes for the right leaders.

Korabangara’s call comes just before the polling day wednesday, where voters will have the opportunity to choose a leader who will effectively represent their constituency.

Highlighting the concerns of the youth, Korabangara emphasizes the need to select leaders who will genuinely listen to their issues and address them in parliament.

He urges the youth not to vote based on tribal or monetary interests but to prioritize leaders who will represent their voices.

“Youth make up a significant part of our population, and unemployment remains a pressing issue in rural communities,” he added.

Korabangara appeals to the youth to show respect towards other candidates and stand firm in their choices.

He urges them not to let anyone bribe or compromise their democratic right to vote, emphasizing the importance of selecting a leader capable of addressing the challenges faced by rural communities, the province, and the entire country.

Korabangara underscores that his call extends beyond the South East Vella youth, reaching out to all young people across the nation.

He believes that the youth are the future leaders who will drive the country’s progress through their workforce and contributions to national development.

Plimsol Korabangara hails from Varese Village in the Southeast Vella La Vella and part of Ranonga Island.


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