Duidui Ward Election Postponed Due To Persistent Bad Weather in South Guadalcanal.

THE Polling Day for the Duidui provincial ward election was postponed to the 16th of July 2024.

The decision was made by the Electoral Commission in an urgent meeting held on Monday 8th of July in response to the request from the Returning Officer for postponement of the Polling Day due to severe weather conditions which have hindered the timely deployment and training of polling officers and posed significant risks to their safe travel and the security of election materials.

Chief Electoral Officer and Commissioner Mr Jasper Highwood Anisi said that the inclement weather has caused significant delays in the deployment of polling officers to the training venue. The training, initially planned for two days, has now been compromised, affecting the readiness and effectiveness of the polling officers.

He adds that travel advisories have indicated that the current sea conditions are extremely rough, posing high risks to the safety of polling officers and the security of election materials during transportation. Ensuring the safety of all personnel involved in the election process is paramount.

Following the decision on the postponement, the newly appointed election day for the Duidui provincial assembly ward election is on the 16th of July 2024.

There was limited briefing done for polling officers who are now at Kuma and are being briefed by the SIEO team deployed to assist in the polling training and polling deployment, Mr Anisis said.

SIEC has sought weather-focused advice from the Meteorology Office and has confirmed the new election date for the Duidui provincial ward election for the 16th of July 2024.

Logistics around the South Guadalcanal is quite challenging and restricted movement is only permitted by weather daily situation.

Despite those challenging weather situations, the Electoral Commission is on the weather watch for any changes in the weather situation otherwise, the newly appointed polling day is on the 16th of July.

The Electoral Commission with the new polling date would like to remind voters in the Duidui ward that the Polling station opens at 7 am and closes at 4 pm on election day.

Duidui ward election was deferred due to the death of two of its intended candidates a day before the Joint Election date in April this year.

The Duidui Election Day was previously set for the 10th of July 2024 but due to bad weather, it was now postponed to 16th July 2024.

Section 67 of the Provincial Assembly and Honiara City Council Electoral Regulations 2024 provide for this necessity, deferment part of an election because of flood or storm or any other cause whatsoever, whether natural or man-made, it is not or will not be reasonably possible to conduct an election in all or part of a ward.

If you want information or an update on this Duidui election, call the SIEC hotline phone at 7222200 or 8422220. Or check us on the Electoral Commission Facebook Page.


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