ARCHBISHOP of the Catholic Church in the diocese of Honiara, Chris Cardon during the Interview today.


ARCHBISHOP of the Catholic Church in the diocese of Honiara, Chris Cardon said catholic communities in the country among other duties, have a commitment to pray for peace in Ukraine.

Today, March 2nd marks an important day in the Christian calendar as Christians throughout the Country and the world marks Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Lent session.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday Isles, Catholic Archbishop, Chris Cardon confirmed that ‘Ash Wednesday’ is the beginning of Lent which falls today 2nd March and will end the day before Holy Thursday on April 14th, 2022.

“I am very happy to share with the community that today March 2nd is Ash Wednesday. It is one of the church Penitential seasons that helps us prepare for the Easter which will fall on Sunday 17th April,’’ he explained.

 “Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lenten season which falls today until the day before Holy Thursday. The church gives us 40 days and 40 nights to have prayer, to have penance, extra works of charity and to prepare for the celebration of the resurrection,’’ he told Sunday Isles.

Archbishop Cardon also told Sunday Isles news that this year also marked an important year in history for all catholic communities.

“This year is special too in the sense that Pope Francis in Rome has instructed all Catholic communities throughout the world to pray for peace in Ukraine.

“We have extra prayer and fasting for the intention of peace in Ukraine,’’ he assures.

“So we hope that catholic communities from Shortland Islands to Makira in the east to pray for peace and we continue to be peacemakers and peacebuilders,’’ said Bishop Chris Cardon.

He said that the seasons of Ash Wednesday goes back about one thousand six hundred years to the fourth century of the church.

 “This session marked the day sinners put ashes on their heads as a sign that all of us, Men, Women, Child, Pope, Bishops, have sinned but sinners who are redeemed by the Cross on the resurrection of our lord and saviour,’’ he concludes.


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