Minister of National Planning and Development Coordination, Rexon Ramofafia speaking during the NDS 2016 – 2035 Review launch on Wednesday. Photo by MNPDC

MINISTER of National Planning and Development Coordination, Rexon Ramofafia has called on stakeholders to fully participate and support the review process of the Solomon Islands National Development Strategy (NDS) 2016 – 2035.

Nationwide consultations to review the progress of the 20-year strategy has commenced in Honiara as part of the desktop review phase at the national level. Series of consultations will later roll out to the nine provinces by July at the provincial, constituency, ward and community levels.

“I encourage all of us to fully participate in the NDS Review, to ensure that it is meaningful and useful to charting the course as we move forward,” Minister Ramofafia said during a launch of the NDS Review on Wednesday this week.

Desktop review phase at the national level involve consultations with Government Ministries and agencies, development partners, State-owned Enterprises (SOEs), Non-government Organisations (NGOs), private sector, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other stakeholders to track and assess progress of NDS development objectives.

Permanent Secretary, Susan Sulu also called on stakeholders at the national level to support the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) consultation teams with information and data that can be useful and inform the review process.

The NDS as the country’s development road map and blue print for sustainable development, has five objectives and covers all key sectors which the government together with the support from development partners and stakeholders have been delivering to progress the nation forward.

Minister Ramofafia said the country’s dynamic development challenges calls for collective and concerted actions from all to implement the NDS and achieve its objectives.

“Our continuous strengthened partnerships will ensure the NDS is realized.”

Hon. Ramofafia said the Solomon Islands economy, for many years, has experienced slow growth and difficulties in providing basic and essential services to the people.

“The Government, having recognized the need to develop a new visionary pathway to guide socio-economic development in Solomon Islands, then launched a 20-year national development strategy.” 

The Minister said to implement the NDS and achieve its objectives, a commitment from all is needed.

“…true and strategic partnerships between all stakeholders – the development partners, the private sector, SOEs, education institutions and authorities, NGOs, CSOs and all development stakeholders,” Hon. Ramofafia said.

The New Zealand Government through the New Zealand High Commission in Honiara and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) through the Governance for Resilient Development (Gov4Res) Project are supporting the review of NDS as well as the Solomon Islands Government.

Hon. Ramofafia also acknowledged development partners for their continues support.

“Your continuous engagement and support with my ministry has proved invaluable,” he said.

The NDS 2016 – 2035 review process will be guided by an Advisory Committee that will provide oversight over the review process as well as to offer advice and guidance on how the review is being undertaken.

Final report is expected to be completed and ready to launch by October 2023.


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