BY RODRICK DESURI, Freelance Journalist

DESPITE the current community transmission of Covid-19 which reduced the movement of people throughout the country, a huge number of people in and around Buma Catholic Parish in West Kwaio gathered to celebrated Ash Wednesday Mass meaningfully, a day which also marks the start of the Lent season.

People attending the Ash Wednesday Mass. PHOTO: RODRICK DESURI

The Lenten season is marked every year and it is a time all Christians believers around the world honoured as the time reconcile with Almighty God.

Fr Martin Frank speaking after the mass said he is very happy to see many people attending the important event as it is a very significant one for all Catholics.

He said even though health authorities caution people to follow and practice health measures at all times, it shows a strong faith by these Christians believers.

“I am happy to see everyone come and attend this Ash Wednesday Mass, especially the youths and children.

Buma Catholic Parish Church. PHOTO: RODRICK DESURI

“It shows that their parents have the strong faith, especially in a time like this when our country is fighting the spread of this contagious virus,” he said.

Also speaking during that event was Fr Desmond Firibo who echoed the same sediments, adding that this is a time to prepare each one’s lives.

He also encourage everyone to think of families and the people of Ukraine as they are going through the most difficult period in their lives.


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