Prime Minister honorable Jeremiah Manele MP observed the national anthem played by the ADF band. Photo credit @ Solomon Islands Prime Minister's Press Secretariat

PRIME Minister honorable Jeremiah Manele MP was honored with a 21-gun salute on Wednesday- 27th of June 2024- at the grand entrance of the Parliament of Australia.

The 21 gun salute was performed by the Australian Defense Force (ADF) and present during the ceremony was also the Prime Minister of Australia, Anthony Albanese.

After the gun salute, Prime Minister Manele was ushered onto a dais to observe the national anthem of Solomon Islands played by the band of the Australian Defense Force.

The Prime Minister then was led by the guard commander to observe the guard of honor mounted by the ADF whose members comprised of personnel from the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force.

Upon completion of the guard of honor inspection, Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese introduced the members of their respective entourage who were also present during the ceremony.

PM Albanese took time to introduce his cabinet members and PM Manele reciprocated that by introducing the members of his traveling entourage.

After the ceremony the two leaders went into the parliament of Australia where they held their initial one to one discussion in the private office of Prime Minister Albanese.

Later in the afternoon, Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele was taken to the floor of the parliament of Australia to observe the parliament in session.

Prime Minister Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton in a bipartisan spirit welcomed the presence of PM Manele, Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, honorable Peter Shanel Agovaka and Minister of National Planning and Development Coordination, honorable Rex Ramofafia.

Both PM Albanese and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton congratulated PM Manele on his successful election as the Prime Minister of Solomon Islands and both reaffirmed the important relationship between Solomon Islands and Australia.

Later in the evening, Prime Minister Manele went to watch the state of origin in Melbourne, he was accompanied by Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands His Excellency Rod Hilton and Minister of Defense Industry, Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Pat Conroy.

 When asked what team he is supporting (prior to the game), PM Manele with his diplomatic skills took the middle ground by simply stating “may the best team wins”.


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