MV Anjeanette anchoring at the Tulagi Bay, Central Province.


MV Anjeanette nearly washed ashore at Tulagi Bay’s shoreline, Central Islands Province due to recent strong winds and rough seas experienced in the country.

Tulagi resident, Robert Manebona said the strong winds forced MV Anjeanette near the shores as it anchored 200 meters off the coast of Tulagi Bay.

“However, MV Anjeanette managed to survive the aftermath of the abrupt force of the strong winds and rough seas.

“Officers from the Solomon Islands Maritime Authority’s (SIMA) and the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force including crews on board MV Akwa were contacted by the captain of MV Anjeanette to facilitate the immediate rescue of the vessel back into the sea.   

MV Anjeanette anchoring at the Tulagi Bay, Central Province.

“No one on board was injured and there’s no danger to life. The vessel is also said to sustain no damage,” he told Environment Media.

The incident happened on Sunday, September 18 after a sudden strong wind and heavy rain sparked fears and havoc among the residents in a few parts of Honiara and the other nearby provinces close to Guadalcanal province.

Environment media also cited local media reports of damaged homes, fallen trees, and debris along the roads in Honiara and its outskirts.


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