PM Hon. M. Sogavare visit to the National Response Department Enhanced Operations Room (RSIPF). Photo credit @ OPMC Press

THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has accomplished a number of milestone achievements today, including the upscaling of its Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit at Hells Point, the enhancement of the Police Operation Center, and the Maritime Division Gifting Ceremony.

The achievements were witnessed firsthand by Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare MP, who paid visits to three different locations, including Hells Point at Alligator Creek, the Maritime Aola Base, and the Police Operation Center at Rove.

At Hells Point, Prime Minister Sogavare witnessed bomb experts showcasing their new set of equipment, current capacity, and UXO demonstration. A number of the capabilities are world-class.

From Hells Point, the Prime Minister was whisked to Aola base to witness the Maritime Division gifting ceremony of new police maritime uniforms and pay tribute to the Australian government’s assistance under the Australia Defense Cooperation Partnership to rearm the patrol boats.

PM Hon. M. Sogavare and H.E Hilton witnessing EOD equipment display and demonstration by officers. Photo credit @ OPMC Press

Delivering his guest of honor speech, PM Sogavare said there is an unprecedented security environment where threats are challenging for small island states, and Solomon Islands is no exception.

“Therefore, it is critically important that our police are well equipped and fully resourced with the right capabilities and capacities. It was against this backdrop that the Solomon Islands Government requested support from the Australian Government to arm the new Guardian-Class patrol boats,” Sogavare stated.

At the Rove Police Operation Center (POC), PM Sogavare witnessed demonstrations of new displays and capabilities, a live drone feed, a communication system, and a demonstration of 360-degree imagery and video of Honiara and Pacific Games sites on TV display.

PM commended the RSIPF and partners for enhancing the capability of the Police Operation Center to monitor and provide real-time surveillance on the games venues and villages during the games.’

The Prime Minister hailed the people and government of Australia for developing the capabilities of the police force in the areas of maritime, police operation centers, and the EOD.

PM Sogavare spoke highly of the gifted patrol boats, adding that the government and people of the Solomon Islands received them with sincere appreciation.

The Australian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Rod Hilton, said today’s handovers cemented the depth of Australia’s partnership with Solomon Islands, including as Solomon Islands’ primary security partner.

H.E. Hilton added that Australia takes the Solomon Islands’ request to provide security for the Pacific Games very seriously.

“Australia is committed to providing these capabilities ahead of the Pacific Games, and we have delivered as promised. With these capabilities, the RSIPF is ready for the Games,” H.E. Hilton added.

“These capabilities are world-class and requested directly from the Solomon Islands’ leadership to ensure they meet the needs of the Solomon Islands beyond the Pacific Games and National General Election.”


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