Superintendent Fred Suhara of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), who is the Lead Planner for the 2023 Pacific Games.


THE primary security force for the XVII Pacific Games 2023 operations, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force, already began high-mode operations on November 13.

During the recent National Hosting Authority (NHA) talk-back show on Sunday, Superintendent Fred Suhara of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF), who is the Lead Planner for the 2023 Pacific Games, brought this to light.

“On November 6th, the RSIPF commenced its low mode operations. We anticipate that by November 13th, all police forward command will commence high mode operations,” he stated.

According to Supt. Fred Suhara, 100 officers from the correctional services and 50 officers from the provinces will join other supporting personnel from our regional partners to assist the RSIPF in its operations. With these combined forces, there are resources available for these officers to use in town, such as accommodations and mobility that have already been arranged.

“To guarantee that the Games are successfully hosted in the nation, the RSIPF is operationally ready for the upcoming XVII Pacific Games in 2023.

“We would like to notify the public that the RSIPF is in complete control of its operations and that it will take the lead in policing and guarantee a free and safe atmosphere for the 2023 Pacific Games,” stated Supt. Fred Suhara.

“As we approach the games, I would like us all to work together with our police force to make sure that this event is carried out freely and safely. I also want to extend an appeal to the citizens of this country for the good behavior that we have shown so far during our preparatory phase,” Supt. Fred Suhara said.

“All locations, villages, and other important buildings around the town boundary will have police stations,” he declared. “Anyone attempting to disrupt the game or engage in any antisocial behavior will not be allowed and will face harsh consequences for their actions.”

He urged the public to make sensible decisions while we wait for the arrival of our neighboring countries, and he appealed to the chiefs, churches, and community leaders to assist in spreading this message of tolerance and respect.

“Let us demonstrate to the world that everyone upholds law and order and that the Solomon Islands is a peaceful, democratic country.”


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