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Thirty Law Enforcement Officers Take Oath of Office

Honiara City Council Law Enforcement Officers taking their oath during the graduation program. Photo by RSIPF Press

HONIARA City Council (HCC) Law Enforcement Officers (LEOs) have taken their oath to execute their duties during a graduation ceremony held at Rove Police Headquarters on 27 October 2023.

Thirty officers graduated with certificates. With thirty, 26 were males and four were females.

The graduation occurred after three weeks of intensive training provided by Learning and Development of the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

During the graduation ceremony, RSIPF Commissioner Mr. Mostyn Mangau said the training hosted by the RSIPF is a historical one. The training is the first of its kind that it is a requirement under the HCC Second Amendment Act 2023.

Commissioner Mangau said the Act provides powers to be vested on HCC-LEOs to enforce specific HCC ordinances such as betel nut ordinance, littering ordinance, Hawking ordinance and market ordinance.  It shows the importance of partnership and cooperation between our Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA).

Honiara City Council Law Enforcement Officers during the ceremony. Photo credit @ RSIPF Press

Mr. Mangau said such partnership will help build trust and public confidence in our LEA and our cooperation will foster joint responsibility in maintaining peace and stability in our communities in Honiara.

He said there would be challenges and hardships that you will face while carrying out your duties. However, I am very positive that the three weeks training that you have gone through will help you overcome those challenges and enable you to stand firm and deliver your tasks.

Present during the closing ceremony, Supervising  Lord Mayor of HCC, Councillor (Cllr) Robert Oge said what has transpired over a couple of weeks in the training is a testament to cooperation, partnership and collaboration.

Councillor Oge said RSIPF proved yet to be a multifunctional body that champions discipline and professionalism. I thanked the RSIPF Academy for your statesmanship and professionalism. Your dedication and commitment to ensure the programs and classes are conducted even under duress is appreciated.

Honiara City Council Law Enforcement Officers posing for a photo after the during the graduation. Photo credit @ RSIPF Media Unit

The guest of honour for the closing program, Deputy Secretary (DS) Corporate Support of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Mr. Freddie Ota’au said the National Parliament has passed the HCC second amendment bill in July 2023. Its purpose was to build public confidence and public responsibility and public respect for our city.

The guest of honour DS Ota’au said the parliament therefore conferred certain powers through the amendment Act to our HCC LEOs to implement the respective HCC Ordinances needed to promote the safety, hygiene, peace and stability of all our law-abiding citizens in Honiara City.

DS Ota’au said on this occasion I am pleased to inform you all that the first part of the process of empowering our HCC LEOs ends here. The next stage is to formalise your appointment before commencement of your duties.

Mr. Ota’au said as we are ready to receive a large number of athletes and visiting friends from our provinces, greater responsibility awaits us next month. We will count on our HCC –LEOs to support our other LEAs.

Head of the HCC-LEOs Mr. Robert Madeo on behalf of the graduating officers give acknowledgement for the support rendered to complete the training.



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