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THE Honiara City Council (HCC) has come out to remind political parties and candidates for 2024 synchronized election on requirements to obtain permits for any election campaign rally or float parade.

As the clock ticks towards April 17, election campaigns for the 3 constituencies and 12 wards in Honiara will become intense and gather momentum. Political parties and individual candidates may forget or ignore the legal requirements pertaining to obtaining permits prescribed by existing laws.

 “The Council has earlier this week declined requests from a political party and 1 independent candidate to stage a float parade within Honiara City. This was in accordance with advice from Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC). The SIEC had advised HCC not to issue any permit for election campaign floats or parades within Honiara,” City Clerk Justus Denni said.

However, in a Full Council meeting on Wednesday 27 March 2024, the Council has resolved that legal authority to issue permits for campaign floats, parades and rallies is vested on the Honiara City Council acting in consultation with the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) pursuant to the Procession and Public Assemblies Act. The SIEC does not have the legal mandate to advise HCC on issuance of permits.

“The Council has resolved any political party intending to organize a float, parade or rally during this election period must submit a written application to the City Clerk, Honiara City Council and copy the letter to the Commissioner of Police,” the City Clerk said.

Pursuant to Rule 3 of the Procession and Public Assemblies Rules enacted under the Procession and Public Assemblies Act, the application must be submitted to the City Clerk and Commissioner of Police not less than 48 hours before your planned rally or float parade.

The City Clerk will in consultation and agreement with the Commissioner of Police issue the relevant permit with conditions pursuant to Rule 4 of the Procession and Public Assemblies Rules. Rule 4 states that permission may be granted subject to conditions.

So if you are planning to stage a campaign rally or float parade within Honiara City, submit your application no less than 48 hours or 2 days before your activity. Political parties and candidates must not hold any rally or float parade without a permit issued by the Honiara City Council.

The RSIPF can stop any rally or float parade without a permit. On a similar vein, the Council and RSIPF can cancel or revoke any permit issued if a political party or candidate breaches one of the conditions.


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