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THE Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) is calling on journalists to be responsible in their reporting regarding security issues concerning the country.

MASI is deeply concerned about the articles published by Solomon Star titled Top Secret Out and Rerehe’s phone call exposes DCGA support for Suidani’s removal. The stories have no substantial evidence and are based on mere hearsay.

MASI calls on Solomon Star to be responsible in their reporting and to abide by the Journalist Code of Ethics, which is the fundamental guide for the news profession.

‘We cannot have certain journalists’ spoil the good work and profession which most journalists are struggling to uphold. It is not the first time for Solomon Star to be irresponsible in their publications. Solomon Star also has a duty to ensure that whatever is published will not cause harm in the communities and that whatever is printed is based on facts and not just on hearsay and naysay’.

MASI says the journalist code of ethics is fairly easy and simple to follow and every journalist knows what they are.

“Information with such allegations must be verified’.

MASI encourages journalists to reach out to them, if they do not know what the journalist code of ethics are.


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