THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Unit has graduated two Nauru Police officers on International Mine Action Standard (IMAS) level one.

The graduation happened today (11 November 2022) after four weeks of intensive training at Hells Point. The Australian Defence Force (ADF) Advisors, Australian Federal Police (AFP) Advisor, a staff from the Australian High Commission office and RSIPF-EOD specialists’ present and witness the graduation.

Officer Dube receive his certificate of appreciation during the graduation ceremony. PHOTO SUPPLIED.
Police Constable Marson Notte receive his certificate of appreciation during the graduation ceremony. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner (AC) National Operations Mr. Russell Tagini during his brief remarks said this is the first international EOD training that RSIPF has proudly conducted for international students for Nauru police. This is indeed a step forward, not only for the development of a domestic EOD capability for the Nauru Police Force, but also for RSIPF EOD in developing their training capability.

Supervising Assistant Commissioner Mr Ruseell Tagini give his brief remarks during the graduation at Hells Point. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

AC Tagini said on behalf of the RSIPF executive, I would like to give my utmost appreciation to the Nauru Police Senior Executive for sending these graduates to attend this very important training. In doing so they have committed to growing their EOD capability and although it will be a long journey – the goal is of utmost importance. That is the safety and security of their citizens.

The National Operation boss said these two students have gone through intensive training designed to provide the skills needed by their country. This stage of training provided students with the skills needed to identify and understand the hazards of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). It is a necessary stage in the path of becoming an EOD team leader.

Mr Tagini said I am sure that these new skills will provide them with not only the ability to conduct safer EOD operations but a greater understanding of the way ahead. I am also sure that the bonds of friendship and professional ties formed here will develop into a mutually supportive relationship between our two services.

A graduate Nauru Officer, Police Constable (PC) John Ross Dube says, “What a rewarding experience it has been for the two of us under this training. I wish to thank all those responsible for allowing us the opportunity to participate in this IMAS training. Many thanks to the instructors who guided us during the whole training. Your combined expertise, mentorship and training facilitation has benefited us.”

Nauru Police Constable John Ross Dube give his remarks during the graduation ceremony. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

PC Dube says, “Our four weeks training with EOD were productive and a real eye opener. We learnt and gained so much knowledge and skills through theory and field work. These past four weeks change our mindset and have equipped us with the necessary tools and know how to better understand how to deal and handle UXOs. The training also helps us to identify ordnance, knowing how to function and most importantly, Rendering Safe Procedures.”

Officer Dube says, “Our priority when we return home is to set up awareness talk campaigns. This is needed for the people to be well informed on the risks and danger of UXOs. Our aim is to educate them through awareness programs at schools and communities.

The RSIPF would like to thank the Australian Defence Force and the Australian High Commission for their generous support and in making sure this very important training was carried out and look forward to continued support in the area of EOD.



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