In a recent event marking the second appointed day of Temotu Province, Sharon Inone delivered an inspiring speech emphasizing the potential hidden within the name “Temotu.” Despite the challenges faced by the province, Inone believes that there is much more to be discovered and harnessed.

As a representative of the Temotu youths during the celebration, Mrs. Inone shared her vision for the province in the coming decade. She expressed her desire to witness increased resources flowing into Temotu, paving the way for more opportunities and empowering the younger generation to take on the challenges ahead. Inone envisioned a future where corruption is rejected and the province thrives, asserting that the youth population holds the key to understanding the future trajectory of a country or province.

Inone expressed concern over the trend of Temotu’s youth leaving the country to seek work opportunities abroad. She stressed the importance of developing Temotu into a modern and model province, capable of providing attractive opportunities that would entice the youth to remain and invest in their own country. Collaboration and standardization of various resources and areas within the province, such as Pele Vatu and Nende, were highlighted as essential for achieving this goal.

To ensure sustainable development, Inone emphasized the need to invest in the youth population. She referred to them as a ticking time bomb that, if properly nurtured, could lead to positive development and rural progress within the provinces. Failing to provide the necessary resources and opportunities would result in a continued loss of young talent to other countries.

Inone called for collective efforts from all sectors of society—children, mothers, fathers, business people—in order to transform Temotu into a modern and model province over the next decade. She urged everyone to change the narrative and find ways to attract Australian youth to work in Temotu. Developing the agriculture sector and fully utilizing the resources available in Temotu were presented as key strategies in achieving this vision.

Inone emphasized that each individual has a role to play in the development of Temotu. She called for unity, collaboration, and networking, rejecting the notion of competition among community members. By working together and pooling their resources, Temotuans can pave the way for progress and realize their collective vision.


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