Important notice from commissioner Inland Revenue to all vehicle owners who had been issued with authorized temporary vehicle registration plate numbers.

THE Commissioner of Inland Revenue urges all vehicle owners with temporarily authorized plate numbers to visit IRD cashiers to collect their valid vehicle plate numbers.

According to the Commissioner all vehicle owners in the country must present their authorized temporary plate number (paper print) to the Inland Revenue cashiers when they pick up their valid vehicle plate number in order to receive their valid vehicle plate number.

“This notice is valid until 2nd of February 2024. Any vehicle without a valid plate number after 2nd February 2024, will be regarded as illegal.

“If you are unsure of what to do or would like any additional information, please contact the IRD Taxpayer Education Team on phone 24624 or email,sb for assistance.

“You can also call our IRD cashiers on 28241 or 24246.

“We regret for the inconvenient this may have caused as the situation is beyond our control. We have now rectified it and thank you for your patience and understanding,” the Commissioner said.


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