The Maravari United Church Rest House is taking shape and nearing completion with the dedicated support of community members. Photo credit @ Alfred Pagepitu


THE Maravari United Church members have successfully raised over $19,000 during a recent fundraising campaign for the Rest House on South Vella la Vella Island in the Western Province.

Significant progress has been made, and the Community Rest House is now taking shape.

Pastor Ata Kari, who has been instrumental in leading the project, expresses his heartfelt appreciation to the Maravari community for their valuable support in making this community project a reality.

Mr. Kari stated that a portion of the funds will be allocated towards procuring the necessary materials for the completion of the rest house.

Recently, eight fellowship groups within the community collaborated to raise funds for the project.

Work on the rest house has been ongoing, and it is expected to be completed this year.

“This building was constructed last year with the assistance of outgoing Pastor Stanly Kumasa, and I am honored to oversee the final stages of this community project,” said Pastor Kari.

Kari acknowledges the overwhelming support received from community members and neighboring communities during the fundraiser event.

“The availability and construction of the rest house would not have been possible without the much-needed funds,” he added.

Chief Edward Kavirisi expressed his gratitude and highlighted the numerous benefits the community will enjoy upon the completion of the Community Rest House, including its ability to accommodate visitors and facilitate church activities.

He extended his sincere appreciation to all community members for their continuous support in building a stronger community together.

The Maravari United Church Rest House is well on its way to completion, thanks to the continued support of community members and surrounding communities.


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