MRD Permanent Secretary Dr. Samson Viulu. Photo credit @ MRD

THE Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) says that the Payment of Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for this financial year will be delayed.

Permanent Secretary of MRD Dr. Samson Viulu made the clarification for the information and awareness of every constituent and the public today.  

“I would like to make it clear to the voters, constituents and the public that the payment of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for this financial year will be delayed.

“This is because procurements of the CDF have to be according to the recently enacted CDF Act 2023, which was gazette end of last year following its ascension by the Governor General,” PS Viulu said.

The CDF Act 2023 came into full force on January 5 this year.  

PS Viulu therefore calls for understanding from voters and constituents to be patient with their Members of Parliament as due processes are being facilitated.

He on behalf of the ministry further urges the citizens to seek assistance from relevant ministries instead of relying solely on Members of Parliament.

“As for the CDF, the ministry hopes to start delivering the program in the month of August or later this year before the financial year closes,” PS Viulu added.

He said, now that we have a new CDF Act, all procurements must now be according to the Act in support of the Public Financial Management Act (PFMA) 2013.

According to the CDF Act 2023, PS Viulu said the following has to be completed to qualify a constituency to apply for funding support under the CDF program. These are;

  1. Recruitment of Constituency Development Officer (CDO), Constituency Project Officer (CPO) and Constituency Accountant Officers (CAO)by the Ministry of Public Service (MPS) through MRD. Ministry has received a huge number of applications for the three positions and have just completed the shortlisting of suitable candidates for these positions. Recruitment is expected to be completed by end of the month and according to merit as per the CDF Act 2023.
  2. Appointment of Constituency Development Committees (CDCs) – respective Members of Parliament will submit an endorsement of at least five names of committee members to the Permanent Secretary of MRD for appointment. The constituency development committee shall be responsible for approval of the constituency four years development and work program along with its budget which is, to be funded by the CDF. So far, majority of the constituencies have already submitted the names of their respective committee members and the ministry is now conducting a vetting process before their appointments will be made.
  3. Development plan – each constituency are required to submit their four years development to the ministry for final approval and financing under the CDF allocation for each constituency. The development shall be prepared by the constituency officers and obtain approval from the committee before it shall be submitted to the ministry. Therefore, this particular requirement depends on the recruitment of the three officers and appointment of the constituency development committee.
  4. Constituency office – each constituency must have an office where it is convenient.
  5. Constituency account – unlike in the past, constituency accounts will no longer be signed by Members of Parliament but by the accountable and accounting officers.  

CDF is a program of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) administered by MRD and is implemented through the 50 constituencies in the country purposely to improve the social and economic livelihoods of all Solomon Islanders.

MRD’s vision is to ensure all rural Solomon Islanders become meaningfully participate in development activities to improve their social and economic livelihood.

Further information can be sought from the ministry by contacting these phone contacts: 25238/25239/25254.


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