Charley Piringi, Georgina Ma'aka and Ofani Eremae. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

A NEW investigative media outlet has been launched in Honiara, Solomon Islands, on 5 May 2023. 

It comes two days after the world marked World Press Freedom Day on May 3. 

In-depth Solomons is an initiative of three leading Solomon Islands journalists Ofani Eremae, Georgina Maka’a and Charley Piringi.

“We are glad to finally get this media project off the ground,” In-depth Solomons team leader and editor, Eremae, said. 

“It has taken us a while planning this out. Now it’s time to get down to business and do some real work,” Eremae, a journalist with more than 25 years experience, added.

He explained the news outlet was initiated because of the dire need for investigative and in-depth reporting in the country. 

“While we will be also doing regular news coverage, our primary focus would be on investigative journalism. 

“This is where our focus will be. And this is where we are heading,” he added. 

Eremae further added that In-depth Solomons is not here to compete with anyone, but to complement the work that existing news organizations are already doing. 

He thanked OCCRP (Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project), a leading global network of investigative journalists, for its financial support. 

“OCCRP gave us a grant that helped to meet our start-up costs,” he said. 

He also acknowledged Internews, an international media support group that works in more than 100 countries, for assisting to build In-depth Solomons’ news website. 

“We have a website that is as good as any news websites you could find elsewhere in the world. 

“All because of the expert advice and guidance of our partners at Internews,” he stated. 

Charley Piringi and Georgina Maka’a will spearhead In-depth Solomons’ news investigations. 

And they say they are excited about being part of this new project. 

“As journalists who are passionate about investigative journalism, I look forward to the work and challenges that lie ahead,” Piringi said. 

In-depth Solomons will publish online at: 

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