Javelyn (right) and her sister are enjoying their roadside BBQ food stall at KGVI, east of Honiara. Photo credit @ Joy Ofasia


LOCAL barbecue vendor Javelyn Riina is thrilled to have the chance to set up her roadside stall at KGVI, which is east of Honiara. She says she hopes to draw in locals as well as visiting athletes from the Pacific region.

Since the XVII Pacific Games 2023 in Honiara opened, the popularity of these barbeque (BBQ) food stalls has grown.

Tenaru resident Javelyn Riina expressed her joy at being a part of Honiara’s BBQ craze.

“As a food vendor, I am excited to be in this great event that the country has been preparing for, and I am so happy that I have this opportunity to be a food vendor during the Pacific Games event,” Javelyn said to Raw Sunday Isles.

Athletes from all over the Pacific are expected to sample Honiara’s delicious BBQ cuisine during the two weeks of competition.

Grilling sausage and mackerel at the roadside BBQ food stand at KGVI, east of Honiara, is Neverlyn, Javelyn’s sister. Photo credit @ Joy Ofasia

One of the highlights of Javelyn’s first week at the Pacific Games, according to her, was having a group of Pacific athletes stop by her stall.

“This past Friday, a few athletes from Team Vanuatu came to my booth and purchased BBQ food,” she said. “I’m happy and excited about this because it indicates that more people will be visiting my stall throughout the week.”

Javelyn Stall offers a selection of fruits and BBQ foods. “We offer rice and cassava paired with grilled mackerel, chicken, and sausages, as well as mixed fruits and coconut juice,” she said.

According to Javelyn, the Honiara City Council has given local women the chance to participate in this event, giving them a way to make money by selling cooked foods at such sporting event.

“I express my gratitude to the Honiara City Council (HCC) for offering us women the necessary training to obtain HCC permits to operate food markets for the general public,” Javelyn said.


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