Timo Kenas, Founder and owner of TK Barber Shop.


EVERYONE has the potential to do something, maintains the core founder of TEEKAY BARBER, Timor Kenas.

He said that he believes that as long we set the foundation and keep thriving, already we have the passion and talent to do whatever to sustain living other than fend on others for survival.

Kenas, 33, from Malaita Province admitted in his testimony that for him, he started from scratch, and he believes he has the potential to develop from a smaller operation to a bigger one.

Timor Kenas developed a passion for haircutting and grooming in his early years and he use to do it as his hobby not realizing that he has the potential to create a business out of his talent.

“I just do it as a hobby not realizing I have the potential to do whatever to raise money for an income with my talent” Timor said.

It was not until 2019, he was mounted with a high demand for haircuts as clients began to appreciate his haircutting style and his popularity began to grow. Timor now began to realise the opportunity he has at hand and he began purchasing more haircutting stuff and equipment, to begin with, and then later in 2020, he started TEEKAY BARBER, located at Bahai St Nicholas road as an immediate response to his client’s growing demands.

“From the little money collected in around my neighbourhood I began to purchase other haircut stuff and equipment and as the demand continue to increase, I then started the barber shop,” Kenas said.

Timor Kenas describe the situation as being tough and also as a lesson for him as an individual and entrepreneur, however, his hard work, dedication and determination enable him to strive on through the challenges faced.

“Yes I have been through lots of challenges, no proper facilities to meet customer’s high demand and not enough financial support but I commit myself and continue to work hard,” he said.

Despite those challenges, Timor continue to push on with his small barber shop and with continuous demand from his clients, he then employed three boys to assist him in response to the huge number of customers coming in, whom he usually pays every fortnight.

Turning that passion into a business, Timor have the opportunity to exploit his talent and all along he continues to improve in every set of haircuts style, he even goes through YouTube tutorial to build more in other areas.

His number of customers continues to grow to range from 3 years of age, up to mature clients who arrive at his shop demanding his latest haircut style and that outnumbered the three responsible and even no more room to accommodate such demand.

The growing demand from customers now gives him another opportunity to plan ahead and sought improvement in his facilities and accommodation as the priority area to cater for the ever-increasing demand for haircuts, and by doing that, he is now planning to expand not just around the corner but expand to other areas in Honiara.

“I looking to expand this barber shop with branches in other areas within the city,” he said. 

Meanwhile, Timor Kenas and the other three, Eddie, Edward and Raul are now working in TEEKAY BARBER shop and currently, they’re providing the following services, haircuts, beard grooming and even they can do stripe dye for short hair only.

Timor’s simple advice to youths is, “don’t hold back if you have the potential to do something for your own good, be consistent and strive to achieve better”.      


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