Officers of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) are helping the KG VII community to build their church.

RPNGC officer cutting a timber during the building construction at KG VII community. PHOTO SUPPLIED

RPNGC to Solomon Island, Contingent Commander, Chief Inspector Jackson Ambo said this request for assistance came through the Program Coordinator Ms June Kuma, and we took it on board as part of our community Engagement Program. We want to do this by assisting communities during our mission in the Solomon Islands.

Commander Ambo said we help by building a small leaf hut Church. My officers assist by cleaning around the new Church area and some of my officers doing some building work. Hopefully we will finish the church sometime this week.

Inspector Ambo said this is a very small work that we helped with, but the important thing is our engagement with the community is in support to RSIPF to enhance the trust and confidence from the community and for the community to know that policing is the responsibility of both the Police and the community.

Contingent Commander Ambo said this community engagement is part of the support RPNGC are doing to support the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF).

Mr Ambo said the community is located at the back of the corona market and very close to Tenaru School. The community is part of Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Church at Naha.

Program Coordinator between Naha SDA Church and KG VII community, Ms June Kuma said we are pleased and full of joy for such help by the RPNGC. They came and helped us to build our small church. This is really a great help.

Ms Kuma said at KG VII community they have roughly about 8 families, and we are pleased to work closely with them. The KG VII SDA community started last year in 2021.

She said now we just started with a leaf hut church first, and gradually we look at possibilities to seek rightful authorities to secure a piece of land for the church in the near future.


Featured Photo: RPNGC officers doing work at the KG VII. PHOTO SUPPLIED.


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