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SINU Held Open Day Attract Hundreds

Solomon Islands National University Open Day.

THE Solomon Islands National University held its 2022 Open Day today Friday 11 November at the FOPA villlage in East Honiara.

The theme for this year’s Solomon Islands National University (SINU) open day is ‘Creating Your Future Is Our Commitment’.

At the event, different faculties of SINU showcase their testimonial features, sharing of the university resources, and organized feature campus tours for students, visitors, and the public.

Delivering his opening remarks at FOPA, Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Jack Maebuta said that a University Open Day is a day in a year when it invites prospective students onto their campus to take a look around.

“I am delighted to see the smiling faces of so many of you at this happy gathering today. I feel very proud and at the same time humble, to address you all on this occasion of the SINU Open Day.

Acting Vice Chancellor Dr. Jack Maebuta.

“Let me, at the outset, take this opportunity to extend gratitude to the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor, and chairman of the SINU Council, Our respected dignities, and His Exellency Miwa for gracing us with your presence, the Organising Committee (Chair and Ag Director Property Mr. FAL for rebuilding this village in one week), Senior Management, Staff, Students, Prospective Students, Wantoks and Friends of SINU and all of you for your hard work, commitment and dedication for making this SINU Open Day a most beautiful and wonderful and a reality.

“As many of us are well aware, a University Open Day is a day in a year when it invites prospective students onto their campus to take a look around.

SINU School of Marine students at the FOPA village.

“Open Day events are organized to give prospective students the chance to visit and experience the university firsthand.

“The open day event is an opportunity to gather more information about a university, experience the campus, and meet current students and staff.

“Open Days also give parents and guardians the chance to visit the university so they can help students make the right decisions.

SINU Department of Fisheries Studies Bottled Tuna displayed at SINU Marine School compound, East Honiara.

“I believe the Open Day and the events today provide the perfect opportunity for you all to visit the University and get a real feel for what life as a student at SINU is really like,’’ Dr. Maebuta said.

He said that the object of the University is to promote scholarship, research, free inquiry, academic excellence, and trade competence and in this process create, disseminate, maintain, and advance knowledge and productivity by teaching, training, and other means, for the welfare and needs of the communities in the Solomon Islands and the region.

“Our motto at SINU and theme of the Strategic Plan 2021-2025 launched in June 2021 is “Creating Your Future is Our Commitment.

“SINU may not be perfect, but it strives to be better.

A SINU Staff talking to students visiting their stall at the open day event today.

“The job of SINU is to prepare you for the life you will inhibit when you graduate. To this extent, may I sincerely thank the SINU Management and the Organizing Committee who have worked so well and tirelessly to make this day a great success,’’ Maebuta said.

“To the prospective students, “Make SINU a University of Choice and Destination today.

“I wish you all the prospective students’ success in whatever courses you choose to undertake at the Solomon Islands National University,’’ Maebuta said.



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