Dr. Patricia Rodie, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU).


THE Solomon Islands National University has established a collaboration with the Kulu Language Institute to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers in the country.

The Kulu Language Institute, based in Ranongga, Solomon Islands, aims to help the people of the island reach their full potential by valuing local languages, culture, and people.

Dr. Patricia Rodie, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Humanities at the Solomon Islands National University (SINU), said these partnerships will allow students and teachers to improve their language skills and preserve and promote the rich linguistic heritage of the Solomon Islands.

She added that this collaboration is spearheaded by the founder and director of the Kulu Language Institute, Dr. Alpheus Zobule. The Institute will significantly enhance our vernacular language training and contribute to the cultural richness of our educational landscape.

“This partnership between SINU and Kulu Language Institute represents a significant milestone in our commitment to preserving and promoting the rich linguistic heritage of the Solomon Islands,” said Dr. Patricia during the International Mother Tongue Language Day celebration at the SINU Panatina Campus on Wednesday.

Dr. Patricia explained that Dr. Zobule, who is a renowned linguist and advocates for vernacular language preservation, brings a wealth of expertise and passion to the collaboration.

“His work at the Kulu language institute has been instrumental in documenting and revitalizing indigenous languages, making him an invaluable asset to our university community,” she said.

Dr. Patricia said the collaboration will greatly enhance SINU’s academic offerings in the field of language studies, particularly in the training of teachers who are equipped to teach vernacular languages. 

“By integrating Dr. Zobule’s insights and methodologies into our curriculum, we aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the cultural significance of our native language amongst students and faculty alike.

She further elaborated that this partnership will contribute to the broader objectives of the new Education Act 2023, which mandates the use of vernacular language as a medium of instruction in early childhood education up to the junior primary level, ensuring that future generations remain connected to their linguistic roots.

“Ultimately, this collaboration signifies a crucial step toward safeguarding and celebrating the linguistic diversity of the Solomon Islands, enriching our educational landscape, and reinforcing our national identity,” Dr. Rodie said.

She added that SINU is honored to welcome Dr. Zobule, who will be joining our university community as an adjunct staff member.

According to Dr. Patricia, the Solomon Islands National University’s (SINU) Faculty of Education and Humanities is currently seeking to establish a formal partnership with SIL International through the Solomon Islands Translation Advisory Group (SITAG).

She said this alliance will bolster our support for the Ministry of Education in the implementation of the new Education Act, aligning with the global movement of the International Decade of Indigenous Languages.


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