Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination Caretaker Minister (center) with PS Ms Susan Sulu, right and Ms. Alicia Phillips Mandaville the Vice President of Policy and Evaluation at the MCC during a press briefing in Honiara last year. Photo credit @ Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination

THE Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC), on behalf of the Solomon Islands Government (SIG) sincerely congratulates the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) for the 20-year journey in reducing poverty through economic growth.

On January 23rd 2024, the MCC celebrated the 20th anniversary of its innovative international development model, and the poverty-reducing benefits the agency has delivered to millions of people worldwide. The organisation has partnered with 47 developing countries worldwide.

MNPDC was appointed as MCC’s primary counterpart on behalf of SIG on the USD $20 million (SBD166 million) MCC Solomon Islands Threshold Program (SITHP) grant signed in early 2022.  A statement from MNPDC said its primary aim is at supporting the national government reduce poverty and increase economic growth in the country.

Two project components are currently on the implementation phase under the MCC SITHP. They are; the Forest Value Enhancement Project (FoVEP) and the Accessing Land for Tourism Investment Facilitation (ALTIF) Project. The MCC-SITHP is working in close collaboration with government ministries and other implementing partners to implement program activities.

Viru Harbour community in Western Province becomes the first beneficiary under the FoVEP project. The program assists the community preserve their forests from destructive logging practices, while at the same time earn money through carbon trading initiatives.

NaFinua Island in East Makira has also been confirmed as the first location for the MCC- SITHP under the ALTIF project component.  SITHP is supporting the construction of a luxury resort on the island of NaFinua.

These MCC’s initiatives are very well align to the delivery and achievement of the National Development Strategy (NDS 2016-2035) as the strategic roadmap of the country.

MCC is a bilateral United States 🇺🇸 foreign aid agency established by the U.S. Congress in 2004.


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