Participants during group discussion. Photo credit @ MEHRD

ON October 20, 2023, a week-long workshop on the teacher professional development sense-making program was successfully completed at St. Barnabas Melanesian House.

About 50 managers and leaders from the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) and education providers attended the workshop.

The workshop reviewed and considered the results of the Teacher Professional Development program from 2022–2023, which focused on improving teacher effectiveness in the classroom. The program is an initiation of the MEHRD with technical support provided by Cognition Education (NZ), funded by the Australian DFAT and New Zealand MFAT.

The program has delivered professional development (PD) activities to school leaders and lead teachers from over 500 schools across all provinces since mid-2022.

The PD has included the training of leaders from local school clusters, providing training materials, follow-up training, and monitoring activities in schools to help assess the results of the program.

Apart from the managers and leaders from MEHRD and Education Authorities, the PD Facilitators who were engaged in PD activities in each province attended the workshop and shared their experiences working with the teachers as well as discussed what they had learned.

The workshop also included analyses of data gathered from school visits and observations, as well as sharing direct experiences of working with teachers and school leaders in cluster workshops and classrooms.

The recommendations of the workshop will be used in a planning workshop beginning on October 23, 2023.


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