Leader of Opposition Hon. Mathew Wale. Picture Supplied

LEADER of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has questioned the Police Commissioner and government about illegal activities they are conducting in the aftermath of last week’s riots.

“The law says you cannot hold someone without charge for more than 24 hours. There are now people held for 5 whole days without charge and without evidence.”

Wale said that people were being held even when police themselves admitted they have no evidence.

“I know of at least one person who is held even though the prosecutors have told the Police to release him. And the Police admitted they have nothing, but they are holding him “because the boss says so”.

Wale called on the Prime Minister to admit he is directing police and calls on Sogavare to stop politicising the police force.

“Mr Prime Minister, you are painting a narrative for your political gain. The fact is, your failure to reduce poverty has created the rioting conditions.

And your dictatorship style has brought the protests. Now you are misusing the Police to intimidate people in the lead-up to the Motion of No Confidence,” said Hon. Wale.

The Opposition Leader also called on Police Commissioner Mangau to publicly explain under what law people are being held for more than 5 day when the legal limit is 24hours.

“Commissioner Mangau, I am sure you are under immense political pressure from the PMO. But you serve the law, not the PM. Please be professional and continue in that line, don’t bow to illegal directives based on political motivations,” stressed Hon. Wale.

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