In a remarkable display of unity and empowerment, the ACOM Diocese of Central Solomon’s recently concluded a transformative Link Partnership program. The event brought together over a hundred plus dedicated members of the Mothers Union, hailing from twelve distinct communities spanning Longana and Hongo Districts.

Under the resonant theme of “Empowering Mothers Union in Fellowship and Transformation through Linking Partners,” the three-day program fostered the exchange of gifts, and the forging of relationships. It proved to be a momentous occasion for all involved, as women from diverse backgrounds converged to share knowledge and inspiration.

Roselyn Vine, a passionate representative of the Mothers Union from Logana District, expressed her profound joy and gratitude for the opportunity to partake in the program. She acknowledged the significance of the teachings received during the event, emphasizing their potential to positively impact communities, particularly the youth and families.

“Through this program, I have been truly blessed to join these remarkable women and absorb invaluable wisdom. It is our duty to transmit these teachings to our communities, enabling them to lead meaningful lives,” Roselyn conveyed with heartfelt enthusiasm.

Over the course of three eventful days, the participants engaged in a range of activities designed to foster fellowship and personal growth. The program commenced with the uplifting morning Eucharist, a spiritual foundation that set the tone for the subsequent proceedings. Additionally, the women united in a spirited parade around the village’s football field, symbolizing their shared commitment to collective progress. Moreover, the exchange of gifts between the districts served as a poignant gesture, solidifying partnerships and kindling enduring friendships.

The ACOM Diocese of Central Solomon’s has undeniably succeeded in cultivating a strong network of connections through their Link Partnership program. By providing a platform for knowledge-sharing, relationship-building, and collaboration, this initiative has empowered the Mothers Union members to effect positive change within their communities. As these women return to their respective districts, armed with newfound wisdom and renewed spirits, the ripple effects of their transformative experience are certain to be felt far and wide.


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