Feast Day of Holy Trinity celebrated at Mouta village, Ulawa Island, Makira/Ulawa Province. PHOTO: Lionel Taorao.



Parishioners of the Catholic Holy Trinity parish on Ulawa Island in the Makira Ulawa Province over the weekend on Sunday 4th June celebrated and mark the Feast Day of Holy Trinity Catholic Parish at Mouta village.

Speaking during the occasion, Parish Priest Fr. John Tahi’eu says that today, Catholics on Ulawa gathered today to mark a very important achievement in the history of the Catholic church, celebrating the achievement of Ulawa Catholic communities to have their own parish after so many years under the care of Saint John the Baptist Parish on Makira Island.

“Today marks a very big achievement for the Island of Ulawa, especially the Catholic communities for finally having its own parish after more than forty years under the care of the Saint John the Baptist Catholic parish”, Fr. Tahi’eu says.

“For more than forty years, our forefathers have worked on this vision that one day, Ulawa Island Catholic communities will have their own Parish and today, their vision for this Island has become fulfilled and today we are now celebrating this great achievement which we should acknowledge the Almighty God for answering our prayers and making this dream fulfilled”, he adds.

In addition to that, Parish Priest, Fr. John Tahi’eu also calls on his parishioners to work together as the journey ahead is not going to be easy but will be quite a difficult one and thus working together is paramount.

The chairman of the newly established Holy Trinity Parish, Mr. Godfrey Sautehi in his speech says that this is a milestone for the Catholic communities of Ulawa Island and the beginning of a new journey for the Catholic Church on Ulawa.

“Today marks the beginning of a new journey for our people as we now stand separated from the Saint John the Baptist Parish. We have achieved a significant milestone for the Catholic Churches on Ulawa Island,” he says.

“We have made history today as this is the first celebration together to mark and celebrate the establishment of our Parish since the Holy Trinity Parish has established last year.

People from the four Catholic communities on Ulawa Island all gathered at Saint Mary Mouta for the celebrations together with representatives from the two Anglican Church of Melanesia parish priests and other Church representatives around Ulawa Island came to attend the celebration and congratulates the Catholic communities for the achievement.

Ulawa Island now has three parishes: Ahetola and Ahemauri Anglican Church Parish and the newly established Catholic Holy Trinity Parish. The celebration started with a church service and concluded with feasting and entertainment.


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