Presiding Officer Anna Kwaimasi.


MATANIKO Ward, located in Central Honiara, has experienced a significant surge in voter’s turnout at Tuvaruhu Community High School Polling Station, according to Presiding Officer Anna Kwaimasi.

Citizens have gathered at voting centers since the polls opened from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. for the country’s joint elections.

Presiding Officer Anna Kwaimasi, speaking exclusively to Sunday Islands, expressed her delight at the enthusiastic response from the nearby communities.

“Tuvaruhu Community High School holds three polling stations: station one has a total of 455 voters, station two has 442 voters, and station three has a total of 462 voters – an overall total of 1359 voters. We have witnessed a remarkable turnout of men, women, youth, and individuals with disabilities throughout the day,” Kwaimasi remarked. “Despite the challenges associated with this novel endeavor, it’s heartening to see the public’s eagerness to engage in the electoral process.”

The joint elections, a historic milestone for the nation, have brought together diverse segments of society in a unified effort to shape the future governance landscape.

As citizens exercise their democratic rights, they are not only participating in a pivotal moment in the nation’s history but also reaffirming their commitment to democratic principles.

Presiding Officer Anna Kwaimasi said she is happy to see people turning up even before the opening of the polls.


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