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Honiara City Council Bans Float Parades

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THE Honiara City Council (HCC) will refuse to issue any permit to any candidate planning to organize or stage a float parade after the counting of votes and declaration of results.

Any candidate planning to celebrate his or her victory in this year’s joint election will have to organize such program within his or her campaign base or residence.

“This decision is made due to non-compliances and breaches of conditions attached to the permit issued prior to polling day. The City Council issued permits with conditions for float parades to candidates and political parties who applied.  This is in accordance to Rule 3(a) and Rule 4 of Procession and Public Assemblies Rules, enacted under section 2 of the Procession and Public Assemblies Act (Cap 29)”, said the City Clerk, Justus Denni.

He said the City Council observed that during float parades on Sunday 14 April and Monday 15 April 2024 went out of hand with no regards and respect for the laws and authorities. Similar observations were made by the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF).

Therefore, following consultations with and advice by the Commissioner of Police, the Honiara City Council will refuse to issue any permit for any float parade after declarations of results, says Justus Denni.

“The City Council is making this decision to refuse permission for float parades or marches in line with Rule 3 of the Processions and Public Assemblies Act”, City Clerk explained.

He highlights that winning candidates are encouraged to organise victory celebrations at their home camp or campaign base. This is to avoid any unruly behaviour in the city.

City Clerk said, Honiara City Council and the RSIPF do not want to see further congestions on our roads, increase in litters or rubbish along our roads due to inconsiderate actions by people joining float parades and other undesirable behaviours.

“The Honiara City Council appeals to winning candidates and their supporters to celebrate election victory peacefully and harmoniously with respect for other candidates and their supporters, respect for authorities, respect for our laws and respect for our Honiara City,” he said.



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