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SIDP Launches Ulawa Island Campaign

SIDP Party leader, Mathew Wale and candidate, George Titiulu escorted at Aroaha for the Launching program. Photo credit @ Lionel Taorao


THE Solomon Islands Development Party (SIDP) had successfully launched its candidate, Mr. George Titiulu, election campaign on Ulawa Island, Makira/Ulawa Province.

Gracing the launch at the Aroaha community, Ulawa Island, was the SIDP’s wing leader, Mr. Mathew Wale, who flew in with their candidate, Mr. George Titiulu, on Thursday, March 21.

Speaking during the launching, Solomon Islands Democratic Party candidate George Titiulu highlighted that the occasion is very special because the party leader is attending, something that has never happened before.

“Looking back in history since gaining independence until today, we are privileged to have someone from the top being a political party leader to be us today to share with us important information in terms of the governance of the country,” Mr. Titiulu said.

“It is evident to say that with the number of people attending the launching, it shows that there is an interest that we need to make some changes in the Ulawa/Ugi constituency, and I must say here that for the past 46 years since gaining independence, past leaders have had no constituency for the Ulawa/Ugi constituency, and I must say here that all constituency plans past leaders come up with were just an ad hoc plan,” he added.

In his speech, SIDP’s wing leader, Mr. Wale, told the people of Ulawa Island that for the past years, the government has failed them, and it is time that citizens punish them by voting them out and electing a leader who can lead the country forward.

“The past government has failed the citizens of this country for the past years, and it is time that voters must make a wise decision and vote for change and elect leaders with integrity, and this is the message I am carrying around the Solomon Islands,” Mr. Wale said.



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